The Accounts Payable Simple Inquiry Tool, including all information accessible through it (the "Tool") is a search tool for addressing inquiries of commercial suppliers of products, software, and/or services to GE ("Suppliers"). The Tool is accessible only to Suppliers, and provides Suppliers with the status of their invoices, the ability to search for payments against receivables and unpaid invoices; and the ability to obtain information related to the difference between payment amount and invoiced amount (collectively, the "Authorized Use"). The Tool can be viewed in many languages by selecting the desired language from the Select Language drop down below.

The Tool constitutes GE proprietary property and contains GE confidential information. GE provides access to the Tool solely to Suppliers and only for Authorized Use. No other right or license to the Tool is granted, and none shall be implied. GE does not warrant the accuracy of the Tool's information, and by accessing the Tool's information, you agree that you will not use the Tool's information to assert or support a claim that the Tool's information is accurate or in any way to support any claim against GE or any of its affiliates.The Tool is provided on an "AS-IS" basis. By providing access to the Tool, neither GE nor any of its affiliates waives or agrees to alter the terms of any agreement between GE or any of its affiliates and you.

GE and GE affiliates will process any data supplied by you in connection with use of the Tool for legitimate business purposes, including but not limited to facilitating transactions, payment and processing. This data may be stored and accessed globally as needed for such purposes.

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